Wiko Rainbow Adoptable Space - Force CM13 /Marshmallow ot use External SD as Internal Memory

Many people on CM13 - no matter what device - got problems formating the external SD as internal ( adoptable space) memory. You can easily force android to do so by ADB. The command
is easy. You can force Marshmallow (WANRING ALL DATE WILL BE LOST ON EXT SD) to format any inserted SD as adoptable memory. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THAT OPTION:

To enable the forced adoptable mode enter:

adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true
But be aware, this could make your device instable and your external SD card could get wasted... however. As to read on Android central:

Once a storage device is adopted, it becomes part of the system and is no longer removable. Sure you can physically remove it, but you'll be prompted to put it back while apps and services crash on your phone or tablet. It's adopted — taken in and loved by the system, and made part of the whole.
This means Adoptable storage is really only useful for two things:
  • An SD card placed in a phone or tablet and never to be removed
  • A USB storage device attached to your Android TV box, and never to be removed.
 You can (and should)  read all about the topic on Android Central

This might have been the reason, why my phone went dead after the battery was drained completly over night.


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